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•   Bob Boucher (1963)  26/8
•   Paul Brankin, Os3 (1975)  20/8
•   Usmc Richard A. Rockhill (1963)  19/8
•   Itc(sw) Robert Ware (1999)  19/8
•   Btfn Steve Hunter (1972)  11/8
•   Michael Stokley (1991)  11/8
•   Brian Robbins (1991)  6/8
•   Cmdr. Patrick S. Dunn, Usn (1999)  5/8
•   Dk-3 Eric J. Weddle (1992)  5/8
•   Abf-3 Ricardo Nieto (1997)  4/8
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2 live in Alabama
3 live in Arizona
1 lives in Arkansas
1 lives in Armed Forces Europe
8 live in California
2 live in Colorado
3 live in Connecticut
15 live in Florida
5 live in Georgia
1 lives in Idaho
9 live in Illinois
5 live in Indiana
2 live in Kansas
3 live in Maryland
3 live in Massachusetts
3 live in Michigan
2 live in Minnesota
5 live in Missouri
1 lives in Nebraska
5 live in New Jersey
1 lives in New Mexico
13 live in New York
11 live in North Carolina
9 live in Ohio
3 live in Oklahoma
3 live in Oregon
6 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in Rhode Island
5 live in South Carolina
1 lives in South Dakota
1 lives in Tennessee
9 live in Texas
2 live in Vermont
7 live in Virginia
3 live in Washington
1 lives in West Virginia
6 live in Wisconsin
45 location unknown
23 are deceased


•   Ken Rowan (Rowan) (1975)  9/2
•   David L. Griffin Rmc (Sw) Ret. (1979)  9/5
•   David O Miller (1963)  9/5
•   William Fosnaught, Cpl Usmc (1970)  9/6
•   William Nielsen (1963)  9/7
•   John S. Mahoney (1983)  9/11
•   Jeff Keith (1979)  9/19
•   Gregory L. Blake  9/21
•   Joseph G. Brady (1964)  9/24
•   Roger Kane (Roger Kane) (1973)  9/24
•   Joe Merchant (1963)  9/28
•   Steve Shafer (1968)  9/28
•   Carl Stein (1967)  9/28
•   Robert DeSabatino (DeSabatino) (1979)  9/30
•   Michael Pund (1974)  9/30


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Welcome to the USS LaSalle (LPD-3/AGF-3) 1964 - 2005 web site. Please send me an email and I will get your "Shipmates" Profile started. Be sure to include dates you served, rate, etc. in the email so I'll know you served in USS LaSalle LPD-3 or AGF-3 Contact Us This site is for use by US Navy Veterans who served in USS LaSalle LPD-3 / AGF-3 and their family members.
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International Radio Call Sign:
November - Romeo - Papa - Golf


"Versatility at Sea" - "FACILITAS AD MAREM"
 22 Feb 1964 -27 May 2005

We had a wonderful time in Norfolk / Virginia Beach 2014 Reunion.
Make your plans now for 2016 in Branson, MO

USS Oak Hill LSD-51 Ship Visit in Little Creek JEB 10-10-2014

Shipmates on USS Oak Hill LSD-51 for tour 10-10-2014

Men Attending Banquet

Ladies Attending Banqet
Questions about 2016 reunion, email Arnet at

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LaSalle Photos for more photos.


More Photos Here:
USS LaSalle LPD-3 Slide Show

Click here to see Navy Slide Show 2008 pictures

History Photos

Arnet Hagen, Sec/Treasurer USS LA SALLE Association

The is not endorsed by nor affiliated with United States Military or the United States Government. It is for use by US Navy Veterans who served in USS LaSalle LPD-3 / AGF-3 and their family members.

Picture courtesy of Paul J Daoust

The USS LaSalle AGF-3 was the 4th oldest active ship when decommissioned, after the USS Kitty Hawk and the The USS Constitution sailing ship in Boston Harbor is still retained on active Navy status.  The USS Arizona (BB-39) still in commission as a memorial to those lost in WWII. (Thanks to Kenneth Mahoney for this.)




 La Salle A town and county in Illinois named after Rene Robert Chevalier de La Salle, one of the most celebrated explorers and builders of New France in the 17th century.


II (LPD-3: dp. 13,900; l. 522'; b. 84'; s. 23 k.; cpl. 490; trp. 1,000; a. 8 3", 6 heli.; cl. Raleigh) 

The second La Salle (LPD-3) was laid down by New York Naval Shipyard, Brooklyn, N.Y., 2 April 1962; launched 3 August 1963; sponsored by Mrs. Victor M. Longstreet; and commissioned 22 February 1964, Capt Edward H. Winslow in command.

After shakedown and training in the Caribbean and off Norfolk, the amphibious transport dock departed Norfolk 9 October to participate in Operation “Steel Pike I”, a complex training exercise involving over 80 ships and United States and Spanish troops. She closed the coast of Spain off Huelva 26 October, and embarked Under Secretary of the Navy Paul B. Faye, Vice Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Horacio Rivero, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Wallace N. Greene, and Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Congressman Mendel Rivers to watch the landing operations.

The exercise completed 4 November, La Salle joined the 6th Fleet at Naples for amphibious operations and joint NATO training. She returned to Norfolk 13 March 1965.

With then-Vice Admiral John S. McCain, Jr., Commander Amphibious Forces, Atlantic Fleet embarked, La Salle sailed on 1 May for the Dominican Republic during the revolution where she served as Command and Control for the operation, returning to Norfolk on 1 June. Three weeks later it joined the Caribbean Amphibious Ready Squadron, returning to home port on 21 September to begin training operations along the east coast and in the Caribbean.

Through the first half of 1966, La Salle continued operating off the east coast. July and September were spent in Norfolk for upkeep and modifications, with further exercises following. On 3 November, she recovered a Gemini II test space capsule near Ascension Island. This was returned to Cape Kennedy, Fla., and the rest of the year spent on local operations in the Atlantic. La Salle entered the Norfolk Naval Shipyard on 9 January 1967 for repairs and remained there until 20 March. The remainder of 1967 and the first three quarters of 1968 were spent conducting various exercises and port visits which ranged along the entire Atlantic and Gulf coasts and into the Carribean as well. On 2 November she put into Norfolk to prepare for an extended employment with the 6th Fleet. Departing 13 November, she steamed first to Moorhead City, N.C. and then began her voyage to the Mediterranean where she remains into 1969.



Our next reunion is being planned for Branson, MO in October 2016 - Details to follow.  Any ideas you have will be welcomed.  We need people to assist in planning.

Thanks Arnet

Questions: Email me

Photo of the USS LaSalle men Gettsyburg, PA

Photo of the USS LaSalle ladies Gettysburg. PA

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Thanks to Bob Boucher, I have added some "In Memory" pages.  Please take a look and if you know of a deceased shipmate or have additional information for those listed "In Memory" please let me know.


Andy Anderson

Webmaster USS LaSale LPD-3 Reunion Association.

Click here to watch:

See the USS LaSallel in Chapter 4 About 1 1/2 minutes into the show.

At Cape Canaveral, a unique rocket configuration was rolled out to the launch pad. Atop the standard Titan IIIC solid rocket boosters was a hollow mock-up of the MOL laboratory, and atop that, workers attached an unmanned Gemini-B capsule. Designers needed to test whether the Gemini's heat shield would still work after the MOL's access hatch had been cut into it. Unlike most NASA launches, there were no astronauts on display.

Some of us were there: First crossing of the Equator.

Have a great day!

Andy Anderson

USS LaSalle LPD-3

Electrical Officer



I welcome hearing from anyone that was onboard from precom to 1966 and any one else that may know me or served with me in the past.

I just finished college and I graduate this Saturday Dec 17th 2011 also my birthday. I majored in Liberal Arts with a 3.92 GPA or an A- not bad for being out of school since the 70's.

Paul "Zip" Barger!/photo.php?v=169861010857
This is a link to a video of the sinking of La Salle.

Robert Weccle BTFN
Hi, My name is Chris Justin. I was aboard the LaSalle '75-77. I was recently contacted by a lawyer representing the estate of Robert Weccle BTFN, who served aboard the LaSalle '75-77. The lawyer informed me that Robert had passed away in 2012, from mesothelioma. I vaguely remember Robert. I believe he served in the forward boiler room, while I served in the rear boiler room and that's probably the reason I have limited memories of him. I wish I had more info for you. Perhaps if you posted the above info on your site someone will remember Robert from those days long ago aboard the LaSalle. RIP Robert! Thanks, Chris Justin Waukegan, IL 

If anyone has an Obituary on Robert, please send it to Andy Anderson

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