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Et2 Louis LaRock - USS LaSalle LPD-3 / AGF-3 1978

submitted by: Randy Cohen <>

THOMPSON FALLS – For a politician who never managed to beat an opponent in an election, Louis LaRock spent a lot of time in elective office and got a lot of things done for this community he loved.

LaRock – known as “Louie” to most everyone – served as Thompson Falls’ mayor for nearly a decade and was a city council member when he died unexpectedly on Sunday, July 28.

Considered a stickler for following, to a T, the rules that regulate city government, LaRock had a playful side as well. He once appointed Trevor Peterson as his deputy mayor.

Trevor was a 7-month-old baby at the time.

When his recently hired city clerk told LaRock she was pregnant, the mayor assured her they’d find a way she could keep working after the baby was born. Trevor came to work with his mother, and LaRock “created” the unofficial, non-paying job of deputy mayor and appointed the tot to it so no one could question the baby’s presence around City Hall.

“I can’t meet with my public works director without my deputy mayor present, can I?” LaRock had explained.

LaRock had just turned 62, on July 2. When the retired Navy veteran didn’t appear on his usual daily rounds downtown on Monday, July 29, and missed a special council meeting that night, friends went looking for him and discovered his body at his Thompson Falls home.